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Photographer / Videographer Job

We are continuously seeking skilled photographers, content creators, and videographers to capture fantastic summer content for us while on the water.

Ditch the Studio, Party in Croatia! ☀️

Imagine: turquoise waters, epic islands, and a crazy nightlife - all waiting for your lens. You'll be creating social media gold and website assets that showcase the unforgettable Split Boat Party experience.

Why shoot with Split Boat Party?

  • Live the dream: Island hop, party with legends, and get some $ to capture it all.

  • Skills up!: Shoot epic  visuals, edit like a boss, and build or expand a killer portfolio in paradise.

  • Join the fam: Collab with a fun, wild crew and experience Croatia's party scene like a local.

Think you got the eye and the party spirit? We know you do! fill the form and hit us with your portfolio, get ready for an unforgettable summer! 

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